Seafarer Attraction and Retention Survey Report - CORPORATE PURCHASE OPTION

Seafarer Attraction and Retention Survey Report - CORPORATE PURCHASE OPTION

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Four years ago Shiptalk set about finding out what it was really like to live and work at sea – we wanted seafarers voices to be heard ashore, and we are doing it again.

Over the coming months Shiptalk is conducting its series of "Life at Sea" surveys once again. We will be asking serving seafarers their views about the issues faced by our industry today.

The first of five surveys "Personnel Attraction & Retention", which asked seafarers why they chose to pursue a career at sea, is now available to purchase. The survey looked at the issues that make people choose their jobs, the things that make them stay and the problems that make them look elsewhere. The report contains some fascinating results.

The surveys in the series will include:

  1. Attraction/Retention – Choosing to Work at Sea 
  2. Salary and Employment Benefits – Payment, Wages & Rewards
  3. Qualifications and Training – Learning & Experience
  4. Career Progression – Rising Through the Ranks
  5. Regulatory Effect – Governments, Laws & the Seafarer

Each survey will run for approximately two - three months, so there will be plenty of time for our 40,000 seafarers to give their views. The surveys are supported by 'The Sailors Society' and we hope that we can gain a real, honest view of what it means to be a seafarer today.

Once each survey has been completed the data will be analysed and reports from the information will be produced.

The survey report includes:

  1. The Key Findings book, providing a concise summary of the most important survey results.
  2. A comparison between the last survey in 2008 – what has changed in 4 years?
  3.  The Full Report, containing the summary, key findings and details of the statistics behind the survey.

Each corporate package contains

  • 5 printed survey report copies
  • CD Rom containing
    • survey data in spreadsheet format showing repsonses from all questions asked in figures and percentages
    • 2 X cross tab query data files in spreadsheet format where questions have been analysed against others

There are 2 purchase options available for our 'Attraction & Retention' Survey Report, the Corporate Purchase option can be purchased on this page, for the single report purchase option please CLICK HERE 

Make sure your opinion counts!
Shiptalk………. ”reading you loud and clear”


The Shiptalk Recruitment Life At Sea series of surveys have been designed to obtain up-to-date perspectives on the issues that most concern modern seafarers and to find out what serving seafarers think about their lives at sea. This survey, the first in a series of five to take place, focuses on attraction and retention - what attracts people to a career at sea and what keeps them in a career at sea?

The "Life At Sea" surveys have been designed to obtain up-to-date perspectives on the issues that most concern modern seafarers, and contains vital intelligence for ship operators, legislators, manning agencies, academics, training establishments and anyone concerned with real-life contemporary conditions at sea. The findings make compelling reading for anyone looking to attract, retain or manage people at sea today, showing vividly how active seafarers view their trade and provides essential information for anyone contemplating a sea-going career.


 ii    List of tables and charts
iii    How can you access and use this survey?
1    Introduction

Responder Details:
2    Respondent Nationalities
3    Respondent Age
4    Respondent Gender
4    Age respondent first went to sea

Shipboard Particulars:
5    Respondent Rank
5    Respondent Department
6    Type of Vessel
7    Current Flag
8    Trading Patterns of Current Vessel
Seafarer Attraction:

9    Reasons for choosing job at sea
10  Learning about employment opportunities at sea
11  Method of applying for first job at sea
12  Ship preference at start of career
13  Deciding on job type at start of year
14  Pre-sea Training Costs
15  Life and Work Expectations
Seafarer Retention:

16  Relationship & Lifestyle
17  First went to sea
18  Reasons for staying at sea
19  Most important factors of seafaring
20  Employment benefits recieved from employer
21  Employment benefits most wanted by employee
22  Existing onboard crew facilities
23  Most important onboard crew facilities
24  Most important joining issues
25  Crew retention
26  The worst aspects of a career at sea
27  Intention of staying at sea
Piracy and Vessel Protection:

28  Piracy Attack Experiences 
29  Piracy attack Locations 
29  Piracy Threat Job Retention 
30  Piracy putting people off sea 
30  Shipping company vessel protection 
31  Operating to the guidance within Best Management Practices 
31  Use of armed guard on vessels 
32  Importance that private security companies are regulated 
32  Effective fighting piracy methods 
33  Conclusion


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